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Sales and Use Tax Policy

At Denver & Dallas Percussion, we are committed to complying with all applicable sales and use tax laws and regulations. This policy outlines important information regarding sales and use taxes for our customers.

Sales Tax:

Sales tax is a tax imposed by state and local governments on the sale of tangible personal property, which may include musical instruments and accessories. The amount of sales tax applied to your purchase depends on the specific state and local tax laws in your delivery location.

Tax Collection:

Denver Percussion LLC. is required to collect and remit sales tax on orders shipped to locations where we have a legal obligation to do so. The applicable sales tax rate is determined based on the delivery address provided during the checkout process.


In some cases, certain items or transactions may be exempt from sales tax. Exemptions may vary by location and may include:

  • Resale certificates for businesses purchasing items for resale.
  • Exemptions for nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt status.
  • Other exemptions provided by state and local tax laws.

Customers seeking an exemption should provide the necessary documentation during the purchase process to ensure proper handling of their order.

Use Tax:

Use tax is a tax imposed by state and local governments on items that are purchased for use, storage, or consumption in a jurisdiction where sales tax was not collected at the time of purchase. Customers who reside in an area where we do not have a sales tax obligation may be responsible for remitting use tax directly to their local taxing authorities.

Customer Responsibility:

Customers are responsible for understanding and complying with their local sales and use tax laws. This includes reporting and remitting any use tax owed on purchases when applicable.

Tax Calculations:

Sales tax calculations during the checkout process are based on the current rates provided by the relevant taxing authorities. These rates may be subject to change, and adjustments will be made accordingly.

Tax Invoices:

For each order that includes sales tax, Denver Percussion will provide a sales tax invoice detailing the tax amount collected for your records.

Questions and Support:

If you have questions or require further assistance related to sales and use taxes, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are here to help and ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth and transparent as possible.

We appreciate your trust in Denver & Dallas Percussion, and we are committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable tax laws while providing you with quality products and service.